Intercultural Travelling European Road-crossing (I.T.E.R.)


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Description of mobilities and other activities Destination country (for mobilities only) Approx. start date Partners involved
Formation of the project teams at each school. Implementation of the necessary infra structure. Establishing communication channels. Presentation of the project at school (teachers, students and parents)   2011-9 all partners
Prepare the start-up workshop. Preparation of the final structure of the project, depending on approved schools.   2011-9 all partners
History, Geography, foreign languages, Civic Education lessons to provide students with the necessary information (about the Ancient, Middle, Modern, Contemporary periods) in order to achieve the project target.   2011-9 all partners
Meeting in Cassino. Timetable for two years, final definition of tasks and responsibilities. Election of the team managers and establishing of the theme oriented working groups. Restructuring the mobility activities. Participants: teachers IT - ITALY 2011-10 all partners
Visit to foundation of Hellenic World in Athens in order to participate and/or watch special interactive educational programs including among others mobility of the Greek population through time.   2011-10 EL
Visit to a Roman archaeological site   2011-10 RO
Working package: "Start communication"(students) and Web-site (teachers). Implementation of the e-learning environment. Planning and defining of multimedia products. Students present themselves in Social Network group I.T.E.R.   2011-11 all partners
Computer science lessons to develop students' abilities of using ICT   2011-11 all partners
Searching the work of art in Istanbul at Ancient times, Middle and Modern periods with students and photographing them   2011-11 TK
Visits to historical sites: the Museum in Ansbach and the Romen castle in Dambach. Discovery of Nuremberg in the Middle age.   2011-11 DE
Visit to the archaeological site of Alba La Romaine .   2011-12 FR
Drawing the multimedia maps showing the routes of our ancestors, the way travelling has changed our lives (Ancient and Medieval Ages)   2011-12 all partners
Public exhibition of drawings, collages, photos   2011-12 FR-RO-PL
Meeting in Villafranca De Los Barros. Presentation website. Introduction to features and possibilities. Demonstration of the structure of the multimedia maps. Practical training. Participants: teachers and students ES - SPAIN 2012-01 all partners
A visit to the National Museum of History   2012-02 RO
Shooting a short film or documentay on "Medieval Marketing"   2012-02 TK
Performance of the play "The routes of our history: The Medieval market"   2012-03 IT
Meeting in Bucarest: Presentation of working package "facts finding". Participants: teachers and students RO - ROMANIA 2012-03 all partners
Discovery of the "Street of human rights" in Nürnberg with the students. 2012-03 DE
Visit to a medieval site (Cruas, Crest, Mornas or Soyon)and exhibition with public illustration of a text about travelling in our time.   2012-04 FR
Drawing the routes of ancient Greek and medieval travellers inside and outside the Greek territory using multimedia maps.   2012-04 EL
A trip to Sighsoara, one of the most important cultural and commercial town in the South-East of Europe in the Middle Age   2012-04 RO
Presentation of multimedia maps about the Ancient and Middle ages.   2012-05 all partners
Meeting in Nürnberg. Progress evaluation and discuss of the first evaluation. Social events.

Participants: teachers.

DE - GERMANY 2012-05 all partners
-Happy Birthday Europe- photographic exhibition (or historical play) organized by students   2012-06 all partners
Starting a forum of the ITER group about: What we have learnt from teacher Comenius" and to encourage the students from other companion countries to share their ideas on the forum.   2012-06 all partners
Visit to the archaeological site   2012-08 PL
Visit to medieval fair with reconstruction of the knights’ tournament   2012-08 PL
Starting working for the second years   2012-09 all partners
Visit to Sinaia Castle   2012-09 RO
Collecting further evidence studying travelling literature of Modern Greek and Contemporary writers.   2012-10 EL
Drawing the multimedia maps showing the way travelling has changed our lives (Modern and Contemporary Ages)   2012-10 all partners
Meeting in Privas. Project meeting to discuss the results of the first year and decide upon the second year. Participants: teachers and students FR - FRANCE 2012-10 all partners
Multimedia exhibition I.T.E.R., open for public with contributions from all other partners of the partnership   2012-11 IT
Visit to historical site   2012-12 FR-PL
Theatrical play "We, Europe"   2013-01 ES
Meeting in Athens. Presentation of multimedia maps about Modern age. Participants: teachers and students EL - GREECE 2013-01 all partners
Arranging a quiz show among participant students about "Europe and Periods"   2013-01 TK
Exhibition in and out of school of the work done by students   2013-01 FR
Performance of the play "We are Europe: Cassino reconstruction"   2013-02 IT
Visit to National Epigraphic Museum and The National Archaeological Museum   2013-03 EL
Visit to a typical industrial site   2013-03 FR
Drawing the multimedia maps: Contemporary Age   2013-03 all partners
Meeting in Rejowiec Fabryczny. Preparation of the analyses. Group of students cooperating during the partnership meet and run together a final working package. Participants: teachers and students PL - POLAND 2013-03 all partners
Visit to a historical site   2013-04 ES
Final-joint product: Multimedia maps about European cultural road-crossing   2013-04 all partners
Meeting in Instanbul. Central themes: presentation of the joint product, final evaluation, closing activities. Social events. Participants: teachers TR - TURKEY 2013-05 all partners
Celebration of the European Day and Symposium to disseminate the results of the European cooperation throughout the partnership to parents, teachers, press.   2013-05 all partners


The Comenius programme focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for all members of the education community: pupils, teachers, local authorities, parents’ associations, non-government organisations, teacher training institutes, universities and all other educational staff.