Intercultural Travelling European Road-crossing (I.T.E.R.)


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BON Nürnberg – Berufliche Oberschule der Stadt

The BON Nürnberg is a vocational school leading to the certificate of secondary education (Fachabitur und Abitur). We are located in the city centre of Nuremberg. Our student body consists of a high percentage of students from families with a migrational background.

Our role in the project will be to do research on why people travelled to Nürnberg and what these travellers took with them, regarding culture, traditions, history, the arts and business. Nürnberg is a city with a long history and significant influence in Germany over the centuries.

We plan to visualize our observations to highlight common peculiarities of the European citizen. As a consequence we want to promote the discussion of ethnic stereotypes within our school and with our Comenius partners.

School name: BON Nürnberg – Berufliche Oberschule der Stadt
Address: Rollnerstraße 15

90408 Nürnberg


Telephone: +49 911-231-2800
Headmaster/Headmistress: Mr Gertraud Steub
School coordinator: Mr Carsten Zwirner




The Comenius programme focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for all members of the education community: pupils, teachers, local authorities, parents’ associations, non-government organisations, teacher training institutes, universities and all other educational staff.